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16 October

FULL CONTACT company launched an extraordinary advertising campaign to support the release of the first film of Alexander Litvinenko, called "Beyond"

29 march

IMPRESSION ELECTRONICS, Ukrainian brand of electronics, is difficult to compete with popular producers, since there is a stereotype among Ukrainians that Ukrainian electronics doesn’t have high quality and Ukrainian engineers don’t create anything spectacular

This myth is had to be dispelled. With the help of Ukrainian engineers we revived the business card of the capital - a monument to the legendary Hetman of Ukraine in order to create a message to society: Ukraine doesn’t stand still, our engineers are moving country forward! There were two cameras on each side of the construction, that allowed us to take background in real-time, perfectly inscribe monument, that jumps in landscape regardless of time of day. The size of the installation permits to hide in it 2 Belaz’s, the construction of 39 tons, with the screens of 306 square meters. The installation, created by Ukrainian engineers, appeared on all the Ukranian front pages: 7 stories on TV, 124 articles in the media resources, more than 51 millions contacts. The number of site visitors has increased by 20% the amount of calls the hotline - by 30%. Ukrainian engineers have begun to rebuild their reputation and conquer confidence in their products. Ukraine doesn’t stand still!

7 April

We launched a vibrant activity for Air France airlines. The French spring started with performance of walked Eiffel Towers. Lots of emotions and TV news

6 June

Find a new Hyndai ioniq on the courage bazaar!